Search and Rescue 12 Essentials

  1. clothing.shelter.5 large heavy duty garbage bags.sun protection.chapstick.mosquito repellant
  2. map.compass.topographic.gps (store way-points ahead of time)
  3. fire.waterproof.3 separate sources stored separately
  4. food.water.way to make water.fruits containing water
  5. communication.cell phone.paper and pencil.leave a message with family/friends about your travel plans.
  6. knife.saw
  7. light.flashlight.head lamp
  8. whistle.mirror
  9. rope.nylon cord.rescue gear
  10. first aid kit.medications:personal, antihistamines
  11. money.change.dollar

and #12 ?

a fit body and active brain. Think things through ahead of time and have a plan. Stay calm. Be in your best shape physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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